Emeritus Members

The Emeritus membership category is for retired members with the goal of moving them to inactive status while allowing their continued interaction with the membership, thereby creating room for new members. This classification will recognize their contribution to ACRES by having an Emeritus link on the website with their names listed. To be considered Emeritus, members must have been a member for at least 10 years and they must be retired from active business, as determined by the Board of Directors. Emeritus members are permitted to attend monthly lunches and the Holiday Party, but shall pay per event, as determined by the Board of Directors each year. Emeritus members will have no voting rights. The Board of Directors will vote once per year to select Emeritus candidates.


Frank Niendorff
*Doug Dwyer
*Allen Jacoby
*Nash Phillips
Ken Carr
Bill Stringer
Doug Duwe (2016)
Robert Knight (2017)


* Indicates Deceased