Nash Phillips was an icon in the Austin real estate and business communities. As one of the co-founders of Nash Phillips/Copus, (NPC) Mr. Phillips began his first home building company in 1945. NPC grew to one of the largest homebuilding companies in the nation and was known for its innovation. It was a one stop shop for the homeowner; buying the lot and home on land that NPC developed. Many individuals learned the business from NPC and went on to launch their own companies…all over the country. Mr. Phillips also was one of the founders of Wilshire Homes. He is remembered for the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. He had a high level of energy, was a dedicated and steadfast mentor to those that sought his advice and continues to be remembered as one of the most well regarded individuals in our community. He was a member of that rare breed of individuals that embodies the spirit of “His word was his bond”.

The Nash Phillips Award is to be presented to that Central Texas businessman or businesswoman that embodies the characteristics that made Nash Phillips an endearing part of our community and who has not only significantly influenced the real estate industry but also has conducted his business with the highest level of ethics and morals. ACRES shall select the award recipient based on: (1) candidates should be living to be considered for the award and (2) the significance of their contributions to the Central Texas real estate industry.

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2019                       Diana Zuniga
2018                       Ken Carr
2017                       Sandy  Gottesman
2016                       Charlie Betts
2014                       Perry Lorenz
2013                       Larry Peel
2012                       Frank Niendorff
2011                       Dick Rathgeber
2010                       Vic Mathias
2009                       Roy Butler
2008                       CW Heatherly
2007                       Thurman Blackburn
2006                       Nash Phillips